Part of our mission is to support young and emerging artists in the development of a professional career. We know that a powerful AP Portfolio and a sketchbook filled with the exploration and discovery a the artist voice can be vital tools in securing AP scores, college placement and possible scholarships. A well-developed portfolio and sketchbook are the hallmark of a dedicated student with a passion for making art.

Font Squared has a team of experienced teaching artists ready to guide your young artist in their pursuit of an arts education. Our unique approach provides the vision and direction of not one but three experienced artists and educators, all with the goal of helping your student develop a focus, a voice, and a practice - which ultimately results in a portfolio and sketchbook that gets noticed.


Maria Patiño

Maria was born in El Cairo Valle, a remote village located in the Andes mountains in Colombia. She has lived in New York and Texas. Maria has a BFA from SVA, School of Visual Arts in New York, where she studied graphic design. She is a mixed media artist and works from her art studio located in The Bird Road Art District in Miami. Maria draws daily; she takes inspiration from natural or discarded man-made objects from the environment to create works of art. Her work is diverse, ranging from artists books, large size collages, mixed media on a variety of surfaces and large size murals.

Maria works intuitively, guided by memories and imagination; her preferred techniques are mixed media and paper collage. She is interested in the aesthetic of color, texture and form and its potential to communicate universal messages of the past and present. Scraps from old books, magazines, cardboard, old notes and letters and other discarded ephemera becomes elements of her artwork, merging through layers of colors and textures to create a new story about identity, community and nostalgic reflection.


Ignacio Font is an artist and educator in Miami,FL. He received a Masters of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Florida International University in Miami, Florida. Ignacio works predominantly with oil paint, but does wander into other media. His works concentrate on a need to create visual spaces that give a sense of belonging, countering the residue of Ignacio's early childhood feelings of exclusion, of never fitting in anywhere. This need goes back to an early exchange with a painting at a museum and the embrace experienced - his first and most powerful encounter of an accepting visual place/space. Ignacio and his wife live and work in Miami, FL with family, and operates Warehouse 4726, an artist-run space in the Bird Road Arts District.

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