Curatorial Services

Services include installation and removal of works, exhibition collateral development and production, and inventory management.

Wait Still: Photography in the Global Continuum

Curators: Lesley Goldwasser and Leslie King Hammond

Artworks shown above are by Aida Muluneh, one of the 10 artists featured as part of the exhibition at The Betsy - South Beach, which opened for Miami Art Week, December 2018.

BRADICA, January 2018

Curators: Luis Dulzaides, Ignacio Font, Jean Blackwell Font, Robert Fernandez, Maria Patiño

In October 2017, Ignacio Font, Jean Blackwell Font (Font Squared), Robert Fernandez (Palmetto Carpet) and Maria Patino (Maria Patino Studios), each with studios or offices located in the Bird Road Art District, were discussing the 30 year history of the District and the number of important artists that have come from the area.  Artists like Rafael Consuegra, Jose Bedia, Xavier Cortada, Ana Maria Sarlat and Nestor Arenas and many more have studios there, and have developed careers as professional artists, locally and globally.

The questions were asked: what would a show look like, if it featured the work of artists with studios currently situated within the Bird Road Art District? Had it ever been done?

With the assistance of a printed directory, 20 artists were identified and the initial list was developed. Bird Road Art Walk organizer Cuqui Beguiristain and BRAD artist Mano Nogueira reviewed the list, and offered the contact information for even more artists in the District. As the list of qualifying artists grew, it became clear that this would be an historic event for a community of diverse artists with powerful individual voices, shown collectively, for the first time ever, outside of the District: an exhibit decades in the making. This wasn’t to be a retrospective of the history of BRAD, but an exhibition of local contemporary Miami artists working in the historic art district today.

When Luis Dulzaides, Director of the Olga M. and Carlos A. Saladrigas Art Gallery, located inside the Ignatian Center for the Arts (ICA) at Belen Jesuit Preparatory Academy agreed to host the historic  show, the four friends, now curators of this first ever BRAD artists’ exhibition, all reached out to the various artists with an invitation from the prestigious institution. Important Cuban-born artists like Rafael Consuegra, Nestor Arenas, and Jose Bedia all agreed to participate, along with established artists like Victor Gomez, Ana Maria Sarlat and Jane Harris, and emerging artists Yeins Gomez Sosa and Maria Patino. The community of artists grew, as Mr. Consuegra’s assistant Paola Marino Garcia provided contact information for other BRAD artists; Victor Gomez was also instrumental in connecting artists with the curators. In the end, with the help of the BRAD artist community, more than 50 artists were identified and contacted to participate. The show, dubbed BRADICA as a marriage of Bird Road Art District and Ignatian Center for the Arts, is the first of its kind to bring together the Bird Road Art District artists to exhibit together as one community outside of the District, fittingly collected within the walls of an influential and prestigious Miami institution.

BRADICA is a culmination of the efforts of the original pioneering artists from the 80’s who had a vision to create a community of working studios, at a time when Miami was just developing its arts scene. It is with gratitude that we gather and represent the artists of this quiet District who have worked at their craft for decades, as well as those who are new to the District. The exhibition is not a thematic showing of work, but instead a show of force, a shining light on Miami’s Bird Road Art District artists: past, present, and future. BRADICA is the power of a unique Miami community: a diverse, multilingual, multiethnic, unconventional, and resourceful community of artists, neighbors, and friends.